SHICRET - Chapter 1: Introduction

SHICRET How to be unfaithful without Getting Caught book Albert XL


●     Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION




●     Chapter 4: WHY AM I A CHEATER?

●     Chapter 5: AM I GUILTY OR INNOCENT?


●     Chapter 6: HOW TO START CHEATING

●     Chapter 7: THE SHICRET METHOD


●     Chapter 8: YOU'LL REPEAT, AND YOU KNOW IT!


●      Chapter 10: I WAS CAUGHT!!



I have a SHICRET... “What?”

It's a word I invented by playfully mixing "shitless" and "secret." It means a "shitless secret". A SUPER SECRET, come on. I want to use SHICRET to define a method, THE SHICRET METHOD, which will help you be unfaithful in seven steps without getting caught.

Imagine, for a moment, being able to cheat with the utmost peace of mind, knowing you won't get caught. And, most importantly, calmly and in complete relax mode. How about that? I've done it. Can you imagine? You can do it too, and I´ll tell you about it further along!

First and foremost, am I in favor of cheating? No, being faithful can mean there’s a good, wholesome, and communicative relationship between a couple. Am I against cheating, then? No, there are many reasons for it, and it can even benefit a couple in ways we will detail in the following chapters.

I wrote this book thinking it would be helpful for both women and men of any sexual orientation. Of course, this includes people who consider themselves non-binary. After all, being unfaithful doesn’t depend on one’s identity or sexual orientation. Whether or not it happens depends solely and exclusively on you.

Do you like presents? If you do, then I’ve got a couple for you. They’ve got to do with cheating, of course. To receive them, leave your email on my website. Go ahead and do it now before you forget:

As I once read online, and couldn't agree more, everyone, or the vast majority of us, leads three types of lives: a PUBLIC, a PRIVATE, and a SECRET one. And, on the one hand, you’re in luck. It had never been EASIER to have an affair before. However, on the other hand, keeping a secret had never been so DIFFICULT. And that's precisely why I'm writing this book, to help you with all this!

First, if you bought a hardcopy of this book and have a partner... you're off to a bad start! Your partner cannot find out you purchased this book! It is easier to hide if it’s a digital copy, especially if you have an eBook reader that you don't share (better set an access password). In any case, I recommend not reading it near your couple, just in case. The same goes for the audiobook version. Be extremely careful where you keep it and, above all, when you listen to it... Make sure to do it alone and that the audiobook is safe on your device. Hide it, if necessary, or keep it in an exclusive password-protected folder. And, if possible, also make sure to leave no record or history of it in any listening or reading app.

Why did you buy this book? Perhaps... to be unfaithful? To be cautious? To find out if your partner has been or will be cheating on you? Just out of curiosity? Did someone recommend it? Was it a gift? Perhaps from your lover? (nice move!). Or for other reasons?

In any case, T.H.A.N.K.S.!!!! Thankful Hug And Nice Kind Smile. Truly, thank you so much for purchasing this book. I hope it helps you appreciate life differently, turning you into a better version of yourself and, better yet, helping you make decisions you would have never made without it. 

Why am I writing this book? Basically, due to four reasons: 

1.     Because I believe that a parallel relationship can help your life and turn you into an improved version of yourself. How? Well, in many ways later discussed. In my case, it was very helpful. I have been unfaithful for several years, and it helped me step out of a past relationship, find a new partner, and start a family that I couldn't be prouder of. And the fact of having an affair has also changed the lives of other people I know well. Thanks to that step, they are now satisfied with themselves and what they did and achieved. 


2.     Because thanks to being unfaithful for so long, I have gained broad experience and think it's worth sharing what I have learned.


3.     Because within my social circle, I have firsthand knowledge of numerous cases of infidelity.


4.     Because I truly wish to.

Leaving morality aside, since I don't want anyone to judge or criticize me for what I do, did, or will do, even less for writing this book, let's see what the experience of infidelity can bring to you: 

·       Make you feel better and more alive.

·       Save your current relationship/marriage.

·       Help you find your freedom.

·       Or find a new couple.

·       Start a new life.

·       Get to know yourself better.

·       Learn new experiences for future relationships.

·       Evolve into a better version of yourself.

I know controlling everything can be challenging, and I hope to help you with this book. It is also worth clarifying that the longer your affair lasts, the more likely you will be caught. In the end, leading a "double life" leads to more stress plus a series of behaviors that can be suspicious… However, thanks to this book, you can learn to minimize these.

I also want to warn you, before you dive deeper into the world of infidelity, especially if you’ve never done it before, that committing infidelity has its risks. The risk of being caught by your partner, a friend, a son, or a daughter who happens to discover, see, or hear something. You may have even confided it to someone you trust, and, for whatever reason, that person may decide to tell your partner. Or simply (and I hope not), you can get caught (in which case, I will not accept refunds :-P). 

If, after taking the risk, the least desirable outcome occurs, it will undoubtedly bring pain and the ensuing consequences, which may involve the disintegration of your family unit, the loss of friends, relatives, jobs, etc. However, there is always the chance, against all odds, that you may even get to keep your relationship, though in a different context. If both parties agree, the couple would then have to bear the burden of the infidelity on their shoulders, with everything this entails.

So, with this 'heads up,' I absolve myself of any responsibility for your actions based on what you learn from this book and choose to apply in your personal life. However, don't worry. I don't want to instill any fear in you; on the contrary, it worked for me, and I firmly believe it can also work for you. I am convinced of it. I did very well and enjoyed it enormously; it transformed me and allowed me to achieve incredible things. The experiences you’re likely to have (if you haven't already) will make you remember (and recommend) this book for many years to come. I hope for the best!

IMPORTANT! From here on, dear reader, I invite you to read the entire book. However, if you prefer to go straight to the point, I recommend you go to PART TWO and start with the chapter HOW TO START BEING UNFAITHFUL. Go ahead, really; I won't hold it against you because the first part of this book is more "psychological," comprising four chapters in which I won't reveal anything about "how to be unfaithful without getting caught." Nevertheless, I believe this first part is crucial for those who have NEVER been unfaithful and may have questions... You’re welcome! Also, at the beginning of each chapter, you’ll find an incentive: a brief tale about infidelity. You can’t miss it! 😉

I’d also like to add that I wrote this book entirely on my keyboard over the course of 2022, letter by letter and word by word. I had no help from artificial intelligence (AI). It's well-known that AI excels in writing and that a growing number of texts and books are being composed by this technology rather than humans. Therefore, I take even more pride in claiming this is a real person's work.

Finally, I want to make clear that this book is NOT an endorsement of infidelity. I am only showing you the way. And it brings to mind a quote from the groundbreaking 1999 movie "The Matrix":

“I don't know if you're ready to see what I have to show you...”

With that said, enjoy the book, as well as "your journey"!

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